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Philippines Reggae Vibe

Cebu Reggae|Philippines
REGGAE is known to be a music for the People that want's to express their freedom for living.Reggae music started from Jamaica from the streets of Kingston, There are a lot of reggae musicians , but the renowned name that is linked with the word reggae is the Legend Robert Nesta Marley also known as Bob Marley.
Robert Nesta"Bob" Marley

Bob Marley was born in the streets of Kingston Jamaica, known to be a poor town in Jamaica. Bob Marley with his friend Peter Tosh ( also a renowned reggae artist). Decided to make a music group. because music is the only way that they know how to escape poverty and to express there emotions about the government on Jamaica.
The Wailers Band was made and was started by ( Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Levingston ).
Group was handle and produced by the Island records company and was able to shake the world of the Sweet sounds of Reggae Music. and the rest was History, and it paved the way of Reggae music to the Whole World and embraced by a lot of people.

Reggae in Philippines

One the known countries that embraces the Music of reggae is Philippines, there are a lot of bands and events here in the Philippines about reggae. Philippines is a group of islands situated in the Asia Pacific region and mostly reggae bands here in the Philippines has an Island taste or version about reggae music.And the very popular place here in the Philippines known to be the Nest of Reggae Artist , Events and Ambassadors  is in CEBU CITY ( Queen City  of  South ).

Cebu City

The City of Cebu is the capital city of Cebu and is the "second city " in the Philippines with the second most significant metropolitan center and known as the oldest settlement established by the Spaniards in the country.
Cebu is the nest of the Reggae here in the Philippines and also Cebu City is also known for there tourist spots, Beaches and most famous Festival known as" Sinulog " celebrating Christianity and the Little Jesus , what we call " Sto, nino" .
Reggae Community here in Cebu Grew a lot , and I am one of those people embracing the Culture of Reggae or so called " Rastafarian " and here are some of the recognize bands in the Philippines:
Bambu Spliff
Skankin Brews
Budoy (Junior Kilat)
GK Gonzales
*13 Judges
* Badjao Roots
* Bahaghari
* Bajuyo's Shrub
* Bambu Spliff
* Big Marvin and the Wigiws
* Budbrowniz
* Burnin' Culture
* Clarasbliss
* Cannabis
* Coffeebreak Island
* Coolie Dread and the Microphone Commanders
* Collie Herb
* Crown Royale
* Cocojam
* Diwata Anak ng Tribu
* Domestic Grass
* Enchi
* Gaucho
* Goodleaf
* Hemp Republic
* Herbs
* Island Joe
* Indio I
* Iron Youth
* Junior Kilat
* Kakay
* Kukays Jam
* Lady I
* One Hit Wonder
* Reggae Mistress
* Roots Revival
* Rubadub
* Shrimp & Crabs
* Sidhi
* Skabeche
* Skunky Muggles
* The Superflirts
* Spy
* Tropical Depression
* Tribu ni Kwan
* Urbal
* Who's next
* Xtra Rise
A lot more to mention,
People also recognize Rastafarian with their hair style : known as " Dread Locks"But to as who embrace Rastafarian Dreadlocks is  not a Hair style but it is a  Life style ,also known to be expressing the freedom of living.
And for many reasons some of the critics said that Reggae culture is involved in violence , drugs etc. Because of the use of Marijuana , Weed or Herb. For me it's a lie , a person will not become violent or act in a bad manner if he or she will use/take Marijuana. " Herb is a Plant" as Bob Marley said. and the act of violence is not by what a person take. but by the person thinks. and also Bob Marley said that Rastafarian is not a bad image to people, People are the ones who gave Rastafarian a bad reputation. Comparing alcohol with marijuana , alcohol will make you drunk , but herb will make you meditate.

Excuse me while I light my spliff; (spliff)
Good God, I gotta take a lift: (lift)
From reality I just can't drift; (drift)
That's why I am staying with this riff. (riff)
Take it easy (easy skankin');
Lord, I take it easy! (easy skankin');
Take it easy (easy skankin');
Got to take it easy (easy skankin').
this is from the song Easy Skankin by: Bob Marley.
Rastafarian believes in Unity , Freedom and Respect....


Reggae  is  growing and spreading love to the world for Reggae Artist , Rastafarian Music is not a Competition it is a way to Spread Love and Unity . Reggae music is just one of many genres that people can choose to embrace, as for me i being Rasta is my way of life: its like Choosing what religion you believe. its  a good thing to know our purpose in life, Maximize your purpose and Give away your Purpose.

Live Free and Be Positive : Jah Bless ..!!!

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